Bad, Baby® wants to inspire the everyday working woman to look and therefore feel her absolute best. Whoever you may be, whatever you may do, we want you to know; you're beautiful, powerful, strong and most importantly,

You're bad, baby.

Bad, Baby® was created when we noticed a gap in the hair care market for functional, portable, and high quality hair care products for the modern, hustling, bustling woman. Looking your best doesn't come easy when you've got work to do and people to see. Ever tried fitting a can of hair spray and dry shampoo in your purse? Yeah, we know, it doesn't make sense.

Bad, Baby® packaging uses only the finest technology, being packaged in the world's first patent-pending Aerosmall®, Aerosol Technology. Pen sized and compact so your hair can stay shiny, clean and in place wherever your day may take you.

With no need for fillers or modification, each and every Bad, Baby® product contains all naturally sourced ingredients. The main ingredient is our NutriBlast® complex which includes natural milk thistle oil, and apricot extract, which will leave your hair healthy, smelling great, and just how you want it.